The Resources section serves as your portal into the analytical heart of the Equitable Growth Fund's mission. It provides access to vital tools and comprehensive data sets that inform our efforts to address resource inequity.

Our Key Tools

These tools provide the empirical backbone for our initiatives, guiding our efforts in spotlighting and addressing inequities. They represent our commitment to a data-driven approach, encapsulating complex realities into accessible metrics.

Resource Vulnerability Index (RVI)

The RVI is an innovative tool that quantifies resource availability at a zip code level. It factors in various elements, such as the presence of hospitals, grocery stores, and more.

  • How it Works: The RVI considers the physical presence of key resources, assigning each a weighted score based on importance. The scores are then aggregated to provide an overall RVI value for each zip code.

Adverse Resource Index (ARI)

While the RVI highlights resource availability, the ARI provides a snapshot of resources that may impede community development, such as payday lenders or lack of recreational facilities.

  • How it Works: The ARI calculates a score based on adverse resources in a zip code. Higher ARI values indicate higher concentrations of potentially detrimental resources.

Comprehensive Resource Score (CRS)

The CRS offers a comprehensive view of a community’s resource landscape. It combines the RVI and ARI insights to provide a holistic picture of the resources in a given zip code.

  • How it Works: The CRS subtracts the ARI from the RVI, creating a score considering both beneficial and adverse resources.

Data-Driven Advocacy

These tools do more than measure resource availability. They're integral to our mission, driving our initiatives and informing our advocacy efforts. They provide an empirical foundation for policy recommendations and help spotlight needy communities.

The Resources section, thus, is more than a mere repository of tools and data. It is a testament to our commitment to data-driven, informed advocacy for resource equity. It invites you to delve deeper into our work and understand the complex realities we strive to address.

Your Role

We invite you to explore this section, understand the metrics guiding our mission, and see the hard numbers behind the soft stories. These tools are not just for us but for anyone who wants to understand and join our fight for resource equity.

As you delve into our resources, you'll find a world measured in scores and indices. But remember, behind every number is a story - a tale of a community striving for growth and equity. And with every tool, you become more equipped to join us in rewriting these tales for a more equitable tomorrow.

Your exploration, understanding, and involvement are not just welcome but necessary. Because resource equity isn't just a mission; it's a movement. And every movement needs people - people like you.

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